Has Your Car Been in an Accident?

Contact us for collision repair services in Milford, OH

Accidents happen, and a serious one can take your vehicle out of commission. In addition, cosmetic damage can make your car look like a mess and make a less-than-positive impression. The good news is, the pros at Frameworks Collision can do something about it. We offer collision repair services in Milford, OH.

We can repair all types of damage to ensure that your car will be safe to drive. We work on cars that have been in major accidents or minor fender benders, and we pay close attention to detail while performing repairs. Reach out today to schedule collision repair services and restore your car to its pre-accident condition.

See what we can fix

Our talented techs can fix all kinds of damage resulting from a collision. We offer:

  • Paint repair services
  • Scratch repair services
  • Dent repair services
  • Bodywork services

Whether you need paint fixes or dent repair services, the experts at Frameworks Collision have you covered. Call us now to schedule a free consultation in Milford, OH.